Past Projects

At Lindquist Glass, we take on various projects across many different sectors. Below are a few of our past projects with brief descriptions of what we accomplished on the job.

Multnomah Lofts Entrance
We installed the storefront and hardware, as well as coordination of the custom glass with etching for installation.

MEI Medical Building
We replaced some existing windows, storefront doors, hardware and installed the outside glass entry. We coordinated and helped design the coke bottle green glass used throughout the building and outside entry.

Farwest Steel - Vancouver Washington
We installed the windows, storefront and interior relites as well as hardware for this new ground up building. 

192nd Buildings - Vancouver Washington
We installed the windows, storefront and hardware in this new, from the ground up, building. This led to getting the third edition of the 192nd Buildings strip mall. 

Skin Cancer Surgery Center
We helped design and coordinate the creation of the green coke bottle glass and decorative "grass" glass used throughout the office suite. We installed the signage, desk accents and main door windows.
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